Sunday, November 30, 2008

Columbia, Motown to remake "The Last Dragon"

A remake of the 1980s Motown kung fu classic "The Last Dragon" is in the works with Samuel L. Jackson playing the role of bad guy Sho'nuff.

Kerry Gordy, son of the original producer, Berry Gordy, will share production duties with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and John Davis (1984). Dallas Jackson will write the screenplay, which will follow the plot of the first movie with modifications to appeal to today's young audience.

Columbia Pictures and Motown Entertainment are co-producing the remake.

Clip from the original "The Last Dragon"

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Danna said...

so excited that they are making this!!! have they found a Leroy!?!?! They should use someone that really knows martial arts! Taimak was the real s@$t and this new guy should be too!!! Just saw someone on Spike TV that totally reminded me of BRUCE LEROY! Check out the light skinned brother!