Friday, October 03, 2008

US missile kills 21 -- Pakistan

Pakistan said a U.S. missile struck within its borders killing 21 people including 16 foreigners.

Tribesmen near the border with Afghanistan claimed to have fired at two NATO "gunships" on Friday, and to have downed two US drones on Thursday. There was no independent confirmation of these claims. Some tribal groups along the border have set up anti-aircraft artillery along the border to guard against NATO incursions.

Washington Post

US missile strike kills 21 - Pakistani TV report
Reuters India, India - 4 hours ago
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A US missile strike in a Pakistani tribal region known as a haven for Taliban and al Qaeda fighters killed up to 21 people, ...
Missile strike in Pakistan kills five: officials Hindustan Times
Pakistan military says US strike was in Afghanistan Reuters South Africa
US missile attack in Pakistan kills at least nine Reuters Canada

Map of Pakistan locating North Waziristan, where a missile strike by suspected US spy drone killed at least four people, according to security officials Wednesday. (AFP)

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