Saturday, April 29, 2006

Manisha Koirala promotes Taj Mahal as father sacked in Nepal

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala was in Pakistan to promote her new film Taj Mahal this week.

Manisha recently found herself in a peculiar situation when her grand-uncle led the opposition against Nepal's King Gyanendra. Koirala, on the other hand, publicly supported the monarchy.

Manisha Koirala in Pakistan to promote Taj Mahal
Manisha in Sindh, Pakistan on April 28 to promote her new film Taj Mahal. Reuter's photo from Yahoo News.

Prakash Koirala, Manisha's father was thrown out of the Nepali Congress Party Friday, days after his uncle, G.P. Koirala was appointed prime minister designate. Prakash was a minister in the royalist parliament.

The actress may be able to take her mind off her troubles as she prepares to direct her first two films after 15 years in the industry.

Manisha Koirala prepares to direct first films

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